About Us

Tiedemann Investment Group was founded in 1980 by Carl H. Tiedemann. TIG Advisors, LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser, currently manages alternative investment funds. Our investment managers focus on capital preservation and uncorrelated returns.

Our Founder

Carl H. Tiedemann founded the firm in 1980 and served as Chairman Emeritus of TIG until his passing in April 2016. Mr. Tiedemann also served as Chairman Emeritus of Tiedemann Wealth Management, LLC and Tiedemann Trust Company.

Our strategies operate with separate and autonomous investment teams in order to maintain the culture and research capability distinct to their investment philosophy. At the core, TIG Advisors’ structure provides centralized trading, marketing, risk management, treasury and collateral management, legal, compliance, technology, and accounting services.

We are committed to a culture of high integrity, transparency, and being a leader in industry best practices.

Our tenured experience of “managing the businesses of hedge funds” provides crucial insights to the strategic decisions that arise during the life cycle of a hedge fund. This teamwork allows our managers to focus on portfolio management rather than business management.

We have a diverse investor base by both geography and client type. We are dedicated to addressing the ever-changing complexities of institutional, intermediary, and high net worth investors.